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Authors of the Orchids of New Guinea website

Postby niuorchids » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:28 am

The main contributor of the Orchids of New Guinea website is Eduard de Vogel.

Ed (Eduard Ferdinand) de Vogel (1942-present) studied Biology at the University Leiden (1965-1970). He spent 1971 till 1975 in Indonesia conducting research for a PhD study on Morphology of tree seedlings in Kebun Raya and Herbarium Bogoriense, Bogor, Indonesia. In 1975 he was appointed scientific staff at the Rijksherbarium, State University Leiden, which position he kept till his retirement in 2004. In 1979 he acquired his PhD on the thesis: Seedlings of Dicotyledons: Structure, Development, Types.

Ed de Vogel was from 1975 till 2004 Curator Orchidaceae and collaborator of Flora Malesiana, for which he was coordinator of that family. His main area of interest is Southeast Asia and his fields of research are mainly the subtribe Coelogyninae and from 1993 onwards the inventory and study of the orchids of New Guinea. In 1986 he founded the scientific orchid journal Orchid Monographs, which was 1992 accepted as the orchid volume of Flora Malesiana, till 1997, when publication of the journal was terminated.

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