Orchidaceae of New Guinea

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Orchidaceae of New Guinea

Postby niuorchids » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:27 am

The Orchidaceae of New Guinea represents the largest percentage of all known orchid species in the world with an estimated 3,000 species out of a total of some 30,000 known orchids species throughout the world. Research of the Orchidaceae of New Guinea since Rudolf Schlechter has been sporadic at best and the Orchidaceae of New Guinea is much less researched and understood than those of SE Asia or Central and South America.

The monumental work done by Rudolf Schlechter to this day provides the basis of all knowledge of the Orchidaceae of New Guinea and while other eminent authors have addressed individual genera and/or sections in a genus there is no complete account of all genera represented in New Guinea. The purpose of this Web site is to introduce you to all the orchid genera and species found on the island of New Guinea, both the eastern part, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and the western part known as Irian Jaya, a province of Indonesia. It is hoped that with the details on this Web site you will be able to identify the genus of a New Guinea orchid and the species.

Read more here: http://www.orchidsnewguinea.com/orchida ... ew-guinea/

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